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Restructure a healthcare products distributor’s organization

restruturar distribuidora saude


Strategic review

With the privatization, the holder of the monopoly on the import and wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals has adjusted its structure to the new requirements. But at some point, and taking into account the motto of assuming the consolidated leadership as the largest distributor of medicines and health products in Cape Verde (supported by qualified and motivated people and efficient processes, and ensuring an excelling service), EMPROFAC advanced with a strategic review and reformulation of the organizational model. In this context, the entity has chosen LBC to elaborate the restructuring program and accompany its implementation.

LBC carried out a benchmark based on information from several distribution companies and health products in order to analyze best practices in countries with cultural affinity and relative geographical proximity to Cape Verde (Portugal and Spain), and based on entities with island regions coverage – having concluded that there were best practices in the EMPROFAC industry considered a competitive advantage vis-à-vis competitors and applicable in the Cape Verdean entity.


Challenge set 

Changes in the external context, international best practices and the internal needs diagnosis made it possible to define a set of challenges. Thus, the project executed by LBC involved the strategic and business plans; the creation of a manual (organization chart and detail of each organizational unit: structure, mission, main tasks and first level objectives); development of the competency management model; functions definition and description; reviewing the career plan, as well as the compensation and incentive system, and the definition of the performance evaluation system; designing a supplier management model and a customer satisfaction assessment model; and also outlining the marketing plan.

The questions that were raised regarding the organizational design covered the activity’s various aspects and the approach to new competencies. The proposed scaling was aligned with the objective of strengthening the sales, commercial and logistics core areas, as well as new staff areas. LBC accompanied EMPROFAC in the solutions implementation.


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