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At LBC, we strive to grow the best-of-breed professionals and deliver top-quality performance to our clients.

We value innovative, curious and hard-working people. We reward merit and are committed to making a better world each day, where the best of the best thrive and grow.

If you share our view, you are our kind of people.


Gender equality

We believe in equal opportunities and equal rewards for top quality performers,
no matter the gender.

Social responsibility

We support different NGO and have a part on helping build better societies in the countries where we are at.


We support different NGOs and have a part in helping build better societies in the countries where we are at.


We trust each other and are risk-takers. We empower our people to be their best selves.

Going global

We have projects in 12 countries. Working at LBC
allows you to thrive in different environments.

Link to Silicon Valley

We have an office in San Francisco and a direct link to Silicon Valley, the leading global hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Exceptional people to deliver exceptional results

Our alumni show our quality.
We recruit the best from top universities and from industry leaders, whom we develop professionally following best practices. 

Our alumni are in the following companies:



Service Providers


At LBC, work is more than a job – it's an exciting career
immersed in an innovative and collaborative culture.

If you’re interested in working in management consulting,
digital transformation and capability development, LBC is the place for you!


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