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Three-year business plan for the Electric Mobility infrastructure management entity

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Mobi.E, the entity that manages and monitors the electric mobility network, needed to develop a three-year business plan and was supported by LBC in this process.


Electric mobility is an important contribution to sustainable mobility and increasing energy efficiency in transport. Keeping this in mind, Mobi.E has been a key player in this market with its smart charging network, created in 2009, unique in the world, which allows the charging of electric vehicles in Portugal.

Mobi.E, S.A., with its activity focused mainly on creating the network's foundations, has had its regulatory business model operating in a transitional form. With the beginning of the full market phase of the electric mobility sector, Mobi.E, gradually transferred many of the competencies that it had been exercising and which, regulatorily, are attributed to other market players. This was the moment when this entity first could analyze and define an economically viable business model, thus ensuring its survival.
In this context, Mobi.E needed to elaborate a global assessment of its assets and activity, thus arising the need to elaborate its 3-year business plan.

LBC, chosen to support this project, has a wide experience in the creation and development of business plans and economic and financial evaluation, as well as in projects in the transport and mobility sector. LBC's methodology, for this specific case, was based on two main phases, the first one being analysis and diagnosis, and the second one elaborating the Business Plan and defining the strategic vision for the 2021-2023 timeline.

It was necessary to characterize and identify the value of each business area developed and to be developed by Mobi.E, to map and characterize new products and solutions, to propose a compensation strategy for each business and its viability, as well as the risks involved and to define the material and human resources necessary for the development of the outlined strategy.

Mobi.E is the infrastructure's managing entity, in charge of managing and monitoring the electric mobility network, regarding the energy, information, and financial flows necessary for its operation and acts as the grantor of the charging stations of the pilot network.

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