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Strategy for digital terrestrial television in an african country



LBC with the INCM to develop the strategic plan for digital terrestrial television (DTT) in the country.



The project (launched through a World Bank tender for the design of the strategic and action plans for implementing digital TV and radio) emerged following a directive of the ITU - International Telecommunication Union (in which the countries that signed an agreement on digital migration and broadcasting harmonization had to conclude the process by 2015) and a specific agreement in the SADC - Southern Africa Development Community.

The process included establishing transition objectives and guidelines; the integrated strategy for migration, which comprised the business model, the financing framework, the technical and technological architecture and the legal and regulatory framework; outlining the communication strategy and the migration process divulging; an implementation road map with the work schedule and the project’s milestones.


Optimize and migration

LBC drew up a plan of action, which included a communication plan that involved, among other initiatives, direct actions with the population/different target audiences, the creation of an institutional website and call center. Also within this scope, LBC supported the regulatory authority of the postal and telecommunications sectors in the organization of the international conference “Digital Mozambique - International Conference on Radio and Digital Terrestrial Television”, which was attended by various specialists. The project as a whole had the goal to optimize the migration process, which run effectively and efficiently.


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