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Definition of the e-procurement model of the portuguese communications regulator

redefinicao compras


LBC supported a Portuguese communications regulator with a project to define the electronic purchasing model. The primary objective was to materialize savings in the in the entity.


Redefining cost policies

The PRICE project (Immediate Costs Reduction Program), in a quick audit format, focused on an intervention in the area of supply and maintenance services, including the strategic understanding of the cost policy, the analysis of the costs’ source, and the recommendation of reduction measures. This program went through a second phase, or extension, and aimed at identifying options for cost reduction policies, assess their impact and develop a plan of action for the recommendations’ implementation. The scope of LBC’s intervention focused on the redefinition of cost policies on the immediate gains in three main areas: operating costs; investment plan; opportunity costs.


Decrease in consumption

After the two PRICE projects, LBC developed an e-procurement model with the purpose of materializing savings in the procurement function. The work conducted included valences in the areas of procurement, accounting and information systems, and comprised the characterization of the existing procurement, the definition of the e-procurement model, as well as the pilot project’s development and evaluation.

The project carried out allowed to optimize the procedural cycle, led to costs reduction and also to the decrease of the communications regulator’s consumption.

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