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Design of the UN strategic procurement e-learning program

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LBC has conceived an online training course on strategic procurement for the United Nations (UN), in the US, directed to more than 500 UN purchasing officials around the globe.



The United Nations recognized LBC's international expertise and knowledge in procurement. LBC’s project consisted of developing an e-learning platform and training content, related to best practices in the purchasing function and the adoption of electronic tools in order to support it.

The program created by LBC in partnership with the UN project team included the definition of training content, the development of an e-learning platform and the content itself, as well as face-to-face training of 90 procurement officers (that in turn disseminated the knowledge/contents throughout the offices of the United Nations). The project also included e-learning platform maintenance and content updating. To be noted that the courses took into account the fact that there were different training needs and, therefore, were designed accordingly.



Finished the six months’ period between the beginning of the project and its conclusion, LBC stayed in charge of the program’s maintenance, with a three years duration, which represented monthly monitoring to identify and correct performance issues, or other questions that might arise.

The project, which aimed to ensure the development of skills in order to support UN improving its purchasing capabilities, obtained process and price savings through higher market knowledge, better purchasing strategies, more agile and reliable processes, and tracking suppliers’ performance.

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