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Embraer: Silicon Valley as key to the future

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Within the scope of GSI, Embraer resorted to LBC to join one of its Immersion Corporate Programs in Silicon Valley. A starting point for what has come to be a great opportunity.


LBC's commitment to Immersion and Acceleration programs in Silicon Valley, through GSI - Global Strategic Innovation, has taken countless companies to this small (giant) innovative world. Embraer was one of the companies that took part in the three programs carried out by LBC in 2016, in order to inspire and broaden its innovation portfolio.

In this set of programs, Embraer's innovation team worked with LBC on a project that led Brazil's top executives to the Bay Area in San Francisco. Developed jointly by the aircraft conglomerate and by LBC, these programs focused on topics such as customer engagement, lean start up and design thinking.

A year later, the world's third largest aircraft producer announced that it would establish teams in Silicon Valley and Boston to collaborate on research with startups, investors, academics, and others.

Embraer's constant commitment to innovation didn’t stop there when in April announced a partnership with Uber via the Embraer Business Innovation Center, focused on the establishment of an ecosystem – called the Uber Elevate Network – which will permit the implementation of vertical take-off and landing vehicles (VTOLs) for short urban trips. The development of VTOL is not just an opportunity to change urban mobility for the better, but also to find new technologies with the potential to improve the performance and efficiency in a variety of aerospace applications.

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