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Cape Verde promotes Start-up program for young entrepreneurs

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PROEMPRESA has created a Startups program and LBC is proud to have participated and supported Cape Verde in promoting and implementing the young entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country.


The challenge

The reality: a great investment on entrepreneurship and innovation programs is becoming more and more important to enable future entrepreneurs of the essential skills and capacities. This challenge was placed by PROEMPRESA, a public entity responsible for promoting entrepreneurship, employability and innovation, through the creation and implementation of programs that promote the development and competitiveness of MSMEs - micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Within this project, the featured program was the Start-up Jovem (SUJ), a program initiated by the Cape Verdiano Government to promote entrepreneurship through Start-up, promoting a promising project linked to the development of an innovative business idea.


Development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem

LBC role was to analyze the first round of applications, identify areas of improvement, design the whole application process, propose complementary instruments and train relevant stakeholders who participate in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. This was the case of PROEMPRESA technicians, banks, local consultants, incubators, among other, in a total of 56 people. For that purpose, LBC gathered a team of professionals with relevant experience in Silicon Valley’s innovation culture and in coaching young entrepreneurs for better results.

The training program included six components: the first dedicated to the formalities of the program, such as rules, procedures and candidates’ eligibility, and the remaining components aimed at developing soft and hard skills related to entrepreneurship, namely: typical profile of a successful entrepreneur, ideation process, evaluation and strategic innovation, development of a business plan, financial risk assessment and coaching and mentoring skills.


"This training was very productive in terms of enrichment, more knowledge, a new perspective/approach to content/new analytical techniques, etc.";

"I recommend other people to take part in these actions, especially the modules related to: business plan and innovation in business ideas. Really good".


These were some of the many testimonies collected at the end of this project, which got a rating of 5.6 on a scale of 1 to 6, where 6 is very good.The most important evaluation dimension was that Trainers, with an average evaluation of 5.8, on a scale of 1 to 6. In terms of Themes, what stood out the most with the highest evaluation was Coaching and Mentoring Techniques.


Cape Verde is now closer to having better suited people, and conditions, to develop a real innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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