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Improving the technological strand of a health program

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LBC evaluated the IT and process components of the “Cesta Básica” (Basic Basket) pilot project in Mozambique for the WFP - World Food Program (UNFPA).



The Cesta Básica project was implemented by Mozambique Ministry of Health (MISAU) at the end of 2009 to assist people with HIV/AIDS and antiretroviral therapy (ART), as well as tuberculosis patients, with a basic food basket delivered through vouchers. The main goal was to support patients that had nutritional needs, improving their health. In an initial phase in paper, the vouchers became also electronic (MISAU approved WFP to test a form of electronic vouchers, or e-vouchers, based on debit cards).

About three years later, LBC analyzed the pilot project’s evolution. In order to properly evaluate the IT components of the Cesta Básica program, LBC focused not only on the technology, but also on the stakeholders who use it, as well as the processes that ensure the model’s good performance. That is, LBC made an integrated analysis of the three dimensions: stakeholders, processes and technology. The main objective was to provide an accurate evaluation of the e-voucher and debit card pilot projects from an IT perspective, allowing the expansion of Cesta Básica’s implementation. And since the project would transition from MISAU to the Ministry of Women and Social Action (MMAS), the evaluation also provided information to support the transfer process to MMAS (and its partner, the Mozambique’s National Institute of Social Action).


Immediate improvement

Based on the information collected during field trips, the documents provided, meetings and sessions held with stakeholders, and considering Cesta Básica’s expansion to other districts in Mozambique, it was possible to identify an immediate technological improvement to be made in terms of technology (USSD/SMS), which was more feasible in the country context (due to the instability or lack of internet connection via mobile phone). LBC made also recommendations for a gradual and planned technological evolution, such as eliminating vouchers in paper, evolving to e-vouchers only, with a consequent improvement in processes.


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