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COTEC: A new digital platform for closer proximity to the associates

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COTEC Portugal's strategic goal was to create a closer relationship with its associates through its Digital Portal. Another one of its challenges was the wide range of information it had at its disposal, with different themes and distributed by different channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and other digital channels. For all this information to be easily accessible, there was the need to create a repository of information and a good search tool.

All this information needed greater monitoring in order to better understand the behavior of the target audience that consumed it. In this context, through an exploratory analysis of users and to its previous digital portal, LBC identified a set of needs and issues that would create a stronger involvement with the COTEC community. In answer to the challenge, LBC developed a resource area, embedded in the portal, containing Webinars, online courses, and videos with the option of exclusive access to associates and other members via a restricted area.

Thus, creating a COTEC member community platform that would allow them to be closer to the activity and with a better user experience with the tools and contents now available.


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