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Technological modernization of services through BPM

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Over the years, LBC has actively contributed to the technological modernization and improvement of the response to the demands of the Angolan Social Security users, through the BPM technology.


In collaboration with AngolaPrev, LBC has been supporting the technological modernization of Angolan Social Security, in order to provide a quick and effective response to users' requests, through the implementation of a BPM (Cora Sequence) platform for Concession and Benefit Maintenance processes.

In the second implementation of these processes, in 2020, the integration aspects with the INSS ERP were significantly improved, as well as the implementation of batch approval mechanisms and the resolution of the problems identified in the first version of the solution. The current and powerful solution was fully implemented on the Cora Sequence platform, with a care architecture that eliminates the need for components outside the platform.

Numerous entities have already been supported by LBC in process improvement and technological modernization through BPM - Business Process Management technology.


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