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Fine-tuning the credit granting process of an Angolan entity

credito entidade angolana


The FGC - Fundo de Garantia de Crédito (Credit Guarantee Fund had as a major challenge to maintain a balance between the quantity and the quality of the credit portfolio.


Less space for errors

The step taken by FGC was to choose Sequence as a rigorous and careful analysis application for requests for credit guarantee.

LBC was chosen to develop and implement the process Sequence partner certified by the israeli PNMsoft, the software creator and Microsof’s gold partner –, work that was carried out in a months’ time.

Among this project’s advantages is the standardization – Sequence allows the credit guarantee evaluation processes to be analyzed according to the defined criteria, with less margin for subjectivity or errors; organization, speed and security – processes are registered and can be accessed in a faster way, assuring that each user accesses only to what is its responsibility; monitoring – effective control of the credit guarantee assessment processes is essential for successful management and decision making, so it is possible, through the reports produced, to perceive at any stage the state of the guarantees granted and, thus, assisting management at any time; continuous optimization – Sequence has a series of indicators that measure effectiveness and allow improvements in critical aspects at any time without loss of information; with an alarm system and integration with the portal and Outlook, it ensures that information is not overlooked, and is complemented by a series of standardized e-mail messages in different situations.


Increase control

The purpose of the evaluation in Sequence is to analyze, qualitatively and quantitatively, the requests for credit guarantees, supporting the approval or disapproval by the credit committee. This process allowed the reduction of the request’s average time evaluation from one week to three hours; it made possible the standardization of the evaluation of the requests (via the system’s parameterization with several functions and constraints); a bigger control of the approval, from the request’s entry to the committee’s final decision, by sending alerts, with the access to each process report and also general statistics charts.

Concluded the project carried out by LBC, FGC - Fundo de Garantia de Crédito started to register about 100 cases per month in Sequence, and to have access to a set of indicators (such as the times when the processes stopped in each responsible or the number of approvals, unapproved and pending); it made also possible to develop other automatic reports, customized, with information like the guarantees issued per month, bank, sector and province of Angola. Even more: each one of these reports can be filtered with additional information from the proceedings.


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