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Leveraging an energy consortium’s HR in the angolan sector

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The various activities carried out by LBC included interviews with Hidrochicapa top managers (board of directors, directors and/or chief executives and other key elements); the identification and analysis of reference practices in Angola and abroad; or the analysis of possible gaps in HR management policies/tools considering the challenges ahead, to then establish guidelines for the project.

The project developed by LBC a strategic and restructuring one, and with a duration of 10 weeks, went through the design and implementation of a new model of professional career management, remuneration and benefits, and also a performance evaluation system adequate to Hidrochicapa challenges, and that would foment the collaborators’ internal motivation to increase their performance and satisfaction. To this end, LBC reviewed the consortium’s HR management model, including the performance evaluation system, the career plan, incentives and career development, the integrated compensations system, as well as the training system and its implementation.


New structure

In order to qualify the functions, for example, LBC presented a new structure, as well as the hierarchy, and also elaborated the remunerations and benefits policy. Here, the remuneration policy aimed not only at allowing Hidrochicapa to strengthen its position as an attractive entity in terms of salaries (allowing the creation of conditions to attract and retain talent), but also to guarantee the business sustainability. The remuneration manual was complemented with policies for salary updating and benefits package. A training plan for a period of three years has also been drawn up.

The work plan proposed by LBC covered six weeks of intensive work that allowed to meet the established objectives. In the first week it was made a diagnosis; between the second and the 10th weeks was held the design phase, with a set of results for each phase. The implementation of the project in the established term involved a strong work dynamics and an active intervention of the Hidrochicapa HR management team.

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