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Rationalize a newly created public entity of corporate nature

racionalizar entidade publica



With a focus on integrating services from various government agencies, LBC made a benchmark on shared services companies in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark and the USA. It concluded that the main advantages of setting up shared service centers resided on improving service quality and reducing costs. Based on the information gathered from the best international practices, LBC's recommendations focused on five aspects for a better functioning of the GeRAP: governance model, performance monitoring, management change, communication and scaling. GeRAP’s structure ratio in view of the processed resources was in line with the international benchmarking.


Organizacional simplicity

The processes design and reengineering were a key competency to be developed in GeRAP’s activity initial structuring, as well as in a continuity perspective, in order to guarantee the flexibility of adjustment to the dimension and to new specifications. In Human Resources, for example, the recommendations pointed out as key competences the development of customer/market orientation; contract management of service level agreements; the commercial area and business cases production; process management and reengineering; and change management. Among the imperative principles for GeRAP were organizational simplicity, with reduced hierarchical levels; commitment with Human Resources’ quality; the use of existing valences, with the relocation of good resources to GeRAP; and also resort to outsourcing in non-critical functions.

The recommendations’ implementation, and the geared plan, aimed at making GeRAP an important part of the public administration’s modernization, with greater efficiency and economiy of scale; and with the break-even point to be reached in the third year of activity.

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