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Culture vs Technology

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According to futurist Gerd Leonhard, the success of companies and organizations in the future will be determined more by human traits than by technology.

The industry digitalization is transforming processes, but also organizations. The will to change is fundamental for the agility of the companies, which should have openness to innovation and confidence in data.

On the other hand, the set of skills required in companies are also increasingly focused on technology and it is extremely important to prepare the organization in advance for this change.

It is important for organizations to go beyond technology and focus on people and on the development of an environment that makes them more awake to the opportunities for innovation. Innovation is about people, for people, and by people.

Each organization must define a characteristic and distinct cultural trait, aligned with its strategic positioning.

That's how, among others, Apple focused on "Design, design, design"; Google intended to be "A fun place where you make things happen"; Logitech promoted "Think like a start-up" and Amazon turned its culture into a "Customer obsession".


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