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GSI Alumni Breakfast | A Silicon Valley Perspective of the WebSummit

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With the 10th edition of the GSI on the way, LBC hosted a session for its Alumni community to promote networking and the discussion of current emerging issues.

This event had the special participation of LBC's San Francisco-based partner, who brought us the key trends and key issues of the Bay Area. Data management and growing on-demand application to various sectors, such as health, education, retail, media, and entertainment, were two of the major themes presented. This race, led by major tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, for real-time data and service, is focused on the Bay Area. The recent acquisition of FitBit by Google is an example of this race between the tech giants.

It was also discussed the impressions, the pros and cons of the WebSummit and its impact on Lisbon and Portugal in terms of promotion, the attraction of talent and inspiration, with Lisbon being nowadays a destination increasingly sought after by startups and entrepreneurs.

The GSI IEP, which has already had the participation of more than 400 entrepreneurs, has its 10th edition dated from 1 to 5 June 2020 and will focus on topics such as Smart Cities, Mobility, Agrotech, and Fintech.


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