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Growth cycle in Southern Africa for Portuguese Companies


 Photo: from left to right: Sakuzmi Macozoma, South-African businessman, Carlos Oliveira, CEO of LBC
and Siza Vieira, Minister of Economy


The four major economies of Southern Africa may enter a long-term growth cycle that will positively drive the entire region and open up excellent business opportunities for Portuguese companies, said Carlos Oliveira, LBC’s Managing Partner, at the Portugal-SADC Business Forum.

According to LBC's perspective, which has already carried out more than 500 projects in Southern Africa, three of the four major SADC economies that are of most interest to Portuguese companies have recently entered a cycle of political stability that may provide them with solid cycles of economic growth if they adopt the appropriate economic policies: Angola, South Africa, and Congo. And Mozambique may enter this cycle as of the end of this year. These economies will positively drag others, which are already in fast growth like Tanzania and Zambia.

The challenge will not be easy for any of these countries. However, it will be much more difficult if they do not gain the interest and involvement of international companies capable of strengthening the value chains of various economic sectors in order to create new jobs and tax revenue and increase exports.

LBC's knowledge of Portuguese companies, with more than 400 projects carried out in Portugal, leads to the conclusion that Portuguese companies have the right competitive profile to leverage the value chains of the economies of Southern Africa, bringing them innovation and technology, operational management skills, qualified human resources through a high capacity to establish partnerships.

"I think that Portuguese companies have a lot of competitiveness in these countries. Portuguese SMEs today have a lot of sophistication and their offer has integrated a lot of technology in the last 20 years. "

Carlos Oliveira believes that although Southern Africa faces critical challenges in the present it is an economic space of the future, where Portuguese companies can play a leading role in its development.

On the other hand, Portugal is the gateway to Europe that is most suitable for these countries, with legislation and a market culture very open to foreign investment.

LBC has already carried out more than 1,000 projects in digital transformation, management consulting and training in 12 countries.

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