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Born as Leadership, Globalizing as LBC

Simplify to globalize and digitalize better!

This was the reason why the brand LBC was born, based on the achievements provided by Leadership Business Consulting. Know more about this transformation in the vídeo (47s).


+ 1.000 projects, 12 countries, High Client Satisfaction


The new logo represents our agility, our growing experience in digital transformation and our dynamism - in 2018, revenues grew 27% and EBITDA increased 160%.

Dynamic, innovative, transformed. Our attitude is focused on a future where reinvention and innovation are our main motto. Always with the goal of delivering a better world, for each client, for each organization.

Although Leadership Business Consulting uses the registered name/trademark "LBC" in its market communication, it maintains its shareholder structure and formal registration.


The meaning of our logo


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