Simplification in a subsidiary adopted by a multinational at a global level

L’Oréal: Because you deserve

L’Oréal Portugal, a subsidiary of the french cosmetics multinational, wanted to make internal adaptations that would simplify and improve employees’ daily lives and, at the same time, promote operational efficiency. So the company hired Leadership Business Consulting, which idealized the project Simplify for Me, to be implemented in a record time of six weeks.


In a first stage, Leadership carried out an internal diagnosis in order to identify the imperative of change. 

This diagnostic phase, which involved approximately 60 employees at L’Oréal Portugal, included individual interviews with key people (at all levels of the organization), which allowed to evaluate the areas with more potential for improvement, as well as transversal workshops to deepen the relevant themes detected in the interviews, to identify the internal agents that facilitate the change, and, finally, to delineate sectoral action plans and of immediate implementation.


In the second phase of the project, a change management plan was designed, identifying key actions to be developed, the professionals responsible for the dynamics, implementation deadlines and key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Simplify for Me concept has continued afterwards its implementation by Leadership Business Consulting. Two years after Leadership’s work was completed, L’Oréal Portugal continued to implement measures in order to continue simplifying the lives of its employees. And the portuguese subsidiary was a precursor in the multinational: more than a year later, the parent company adopted the “simplicity” motto for the whole group.


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