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Leadership Business Consulting has extensive expertise in the public sector. Among more than 900 completed projects, over 250 are in the public, local and international civil service. Of these, about 60 projects are from the Portuguese public administration, in which we have experience in more than 30 municipalities and in associations of municipalities. 

Mobilizing stance

Our team of multidisciplinary consultants, with proven skills in the public sector, has a results oriented approach ("making happen"), with a mobilizing stance and focus on transformation. The main areas of competence of the LBC in the civil service are:

  • Strategy and value creation
  • Organization and competence management / HR
  • Leadership, talent management and training
  • ICT training and various business areas
  • Process reengineering and IT / SI consulting
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement
  • Monitoring systems

New dynamism and responsiveness

In Portugal, this sector, which encompasses central and local government and public bodies and institutes, due to its representativeness in terms of jobs, absorption of financial resources and intervening role among citizens and the business community, is considered as a strategic sector for the development of the economy and fundamental to increase the competitiveness of the country.

In this context, there is an urgent need to provide the industry with new dynamism and greater responsiveness. This aspect essentially involves the restructure of systems (enhancing synergies through the creation of shared service units and making organizations more horizontal), the reduction of bureaucracy of processes (adopting more simplified procedures and using new technologies and information systems) and the promotion of a culture of excellence (operating a result oriented and client / citizen oriented posture).

Administrative modernization

In pursuit of these goals, the public administration has been following the guidelines of the sector reform and developing several initiatives, with Leadership Business Consulting participating in several projects, namely organizational transformation, leadership development programs, public procurement and e-procurement , cost reduction programs, process optimization, performance monitoring systems, digital cities and regions.

The contribution of the LBC in the administrative modernization, in relation to the information society and e-government, due to its solid experience in these subjects, goes beyond the Portuguese territory, being present in the PALOP - African Countries of Portuguese Official Language - with structural projects and expressive dimension.


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