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With proven experience in financial services, the Leadership Business Consulting (LBC) multidisciplinary team has a results-oriented approach ("make it happen") with a dynamic stance and focus on transformation.

Results-oriented approach

The main areas of competence of LBC in this sector are:

  • Strategy and competence management/HR
  • Organization and competence management/HR
  • Leadership, talent management and training
  • ICT training and various business areas
  • Process reengineering and IT/SI consulting
  • Strategic sourcing and procurement
  • Monitoring systems

Managers face new challenges 

The financial services sector, which essentially encompasses banking and insurance activities, is fundamental to the sustainability of the economy, not only in direct terms through its capacity to generate employment and wealth, but also in indirect terms through the support it provides to companies in the various stages of business development.

The new needs and sophistication of customers and technological advances have completely transformed this industry in recent years. No other sector has also been so profoundly influenced by the phenomenon of globalization and the free movement of people and goods.

In this way, the challenges of financial sector managers require constant attention to new customer needs (launching new channels and electronic services, cross-selling of products and services, increasing share of wallet, customizing customer solutions - marketing one-to-one among others) and competition movements (strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, internationalization of the activity, among others).

Time to market rigorous

Leadership Business Consulting has been working closely with leading players in the industry to support the development of strategies to increase shareholder profitability, such as reduction of operating costs, customer segmentation strategies and enhancement of cross-selling, leadership development programs, performance evaluation system development and commercial network incentives, among others.

In the financial sector a good performance requires doing things fast and on time. The dynamics of the industry implies, as in no other, the time to market to be strictly fulfilled, since the opportunities and their time of implementation are scarce.

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