Vision of the founders

One team – One goal

Cohesion is the substrate of growth

The founders of LBC believe that the goal of creating and managing a leading company
in management consulting 
associated with successful spin-offs should be based
on two basic premises, 
that build competitive advantage.

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Attract, retain, motivate
and develop the best people
in terms of character
and technical skills.

Ensure a culture
of audacity and ambition,
collaboration, respect,
excellence and discipline.

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The cohesion of the group, the environment of respect for everyone, the recognition of the different characteristics of each team member, the trust between people at the most varied levels, the shared decision-making process, the informality and flatness of the hierarchy, customer focus rather than individual image, retribution and development in terms of merit and and performance, among many others elements,are traits of unique and differentiang culture. 

The company’s growth challenge involves the continuous integration of new personnel,
from different nationalities in project and managemnt teams,as well as in the cultural backgroung that define us.

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"Culture makes all the difference"

Carlos Oliveira

Managing Partner

"Involvement in
decision making and
trust in people are
essential traits
in our culture"

José Pedro Melo


"Decisions are based
on merit and values,
not power"

Margarida Gonçalves


and responsability
are essential for personal growth and excellence service"

Jorge Cravo