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Leadership Business Academy

Leadership Business Academy (LBA) is LBC’s unit exclusively dedicated to talent development. LBA’s main differentiator is that our services systematically benefit from our excellence in execution, our centers of competence, our international experience and practice in management consulting, with all the associated benefits.

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We connect talent to great results
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i2Who we are

A Leadership Business Consulting brand /business unit 
An entity focused on the development of executives and top management
Business academy focused on its customers’ business 
Community Leadership supported by social initiatives and digital platforms

i1What defines us

Impact: training focused on clients’ results and activity
Operational training: with day-to-day application in organizations 
Excellence in execution: based on our experience in management consulting 
Competence center: knowledge and innovation generators 
Commitment: passion for talent



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Our mission

Is to develop human capital in organizations, combining competence, innovation and excellence in execution, with impact on organizations’ competitiveness, on the effectiveness of their leaders and employees, and the satisfaction of their customers.


Action incubators

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1. Contextualization
and alignment

Diagnosis and development plan
Alignment with the organization’s objectives
Holistic view of the required skills
Content development or alignment
with the organization

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2. Skills

Training with the support of practical tools
Action training with organization’s practical cases
Sensitization to change in work context
Digital supports

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Results evaluation (quality of training, operational and attitudinal impact)
Accompaniment, in the work context, of the acquired knowledge’s application
Coaching and shadow management




Our mission

Developing talent is the leader's main role. Leadership Business Academy mission is to develop human capital in companies, combining competence, innovation and excellence in execution, with impact on organizations competitiveness, the effectiveness of their leaders and employees, and the satisfaction of their clients.

With this mission in mind, we have a talent management and development model based on refining skills. It combines training, coaching and support to the implementation of human resources, management policies and incentives in our partner companies, supported by a strategy and business vision aligned and shared throughout the organization.

Our talent management and development model encompasses internal practices aimed at attracting, evaluating, developing and retaining high-potential employees who perform (or have the potential to accomplish) critical functions within the organization.

We support leaders and executive's development through transformational training, with behavioural consolidation and attitudinal change.

We build consulting projects and implementation of policies and strategies for developing people. We have exclusive models of leadership development, talent management, innovation and “out of the box thinking”.

Our highly specialized professionals conduct interim management according to the clients’ needs.

We perform coaching and mentoring with top executives, with proven and sustainable transformational results.

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